When “Just Friends” Crosses the Line: PART 2

December 15th, 2009

To expand on last week’s blog post, here are some things to consider:

Know all Marriages are Vulnerable

Most people within an emotional affair:

  • weren’t looking for an affair.
  • didn’t INTEND to have an affair.
  • didn’t think they were vulnerable to an affair.

Emotional affairs begin in innocence. It is nothing more than a conversation that leaves us with a good impression of the person we shared it with. It is when we have not maintained the proper boundaries on outside relationships that the trouble begins.

What constitutes an “emotional affair?” Secrecy is the main ingredient. Secrecy is a critical component of a strong emotional attachment with someone other than your partner. Whether an affair is emotional or sexual, it is DECEPTION that creates the most long-term damage to the trust and future of the marriage.