Want to Stay Happily Married? Learn to Sculpt!

January 28th, 2010

An international review of several papers reporting on “the Michelangelo Phenomenon” shows that when close partners affirm and support each other’s ideal selves, they and their  relationship become great works of art!

The more you practice and perfect your sculpting talent, the closer your partner grows towards replicating their ideal self. It’s only a matter of time before your sweetheart-subject will begin reflecting what you’ve been seeing in and eliciting from them all along.

How to get started:

  • Know Your Partner’s Dreams: Treat your partner as if they’ve already become their dream of their ideal self. Happily married couples are not perfectly loving but they have learned to love their partner in a way that’s considered “perfect” by their partner.
  • Promote Achievement: Bring out the best in your spouse. Help them be more comfortable and successful with becoming the person they want to be. Let your lover overhear you gushing about them to others and about the traits they’re aspiring to consistently exhibit.
  • Support Aspirations: Work hard to ensure that your partner’s aspirations are as important to you as your partner is! What does your partner prize? Whatever it is, prize away!

Every human faces a discrepancy between the reality of their actual self and the dream of their ideal self. Be wisely benevolent with the difference in marriage; keep your eye on your partner’s best, most ideal self. Treat them “as if” they’ve already become the person they most often dream of becoming.

So start chipping, chiseling, and polishing away at that beautiful block of marble; before long you’ll release a distinct ideal figure slumbering within.