Secrets of Couples Who Stay in Love Forever

March 4th, 2010

Great relationships don’t happen by accident! As a matter of fact, that’s true not only of relationships but everything in life. A great anything doesn’t happen without great effort.

Let’s look at couples who “fall in love” and “stay in love.” We all know that one state does not always lead to the other. “Falling in love” is certainly easier to manage than “staying in love,” so how do happy couples manage to do both?

Here are a few of their secrets to keeping the fires burning long after the honeymoon period is over:

Secret # 1: Couples who stay in love talk to each other differently.

They even use different words than the rest of us use when we talk to each other. They use “magic words” that seem to help open their partner instead of shut him or her down.

Secret #2: Couples who stay in love are complimentary not competitive.

There is no room for competition in a relationship between couples who are intimate partners. Make certain that you and your spouse ALWAYS play on the same team. If you doubt this advice, pay attention to how you feel the next time the two of you have a friendly little competition about anything. Ask yourself this question: “Do I feel closer and more connected to him or her, or do I feel more distant and disconnected?” Furthermore, don’t be a coach; always a cheerleader!

Secret #3: Couples who stay in love remind each other frequently what they like, love and appreciate about each other.

Fill in the following blank: “Something I really appreciate about you is ________.” This alone can work miracles in a marriage. It’s especially fun to just simply do this right out of the blue!

Bottom line: Remember that while the shooting flames of new love never sustain themselves, the remaining hot embers burn longer and hotter well after the flames are out.