Find the Joy in the Journey Down the Aisle

June 23rd, 2010

Dear Dr. Liz~

My wedding is coming up in two months and I’m a nervous wreck! Things are well-planned (I’m a fairly organized person) but my nerves are getting the best of me! I can’t eat; can’t sleep! Yikes – my fiancé says I need to “chill!” I know he’s right but this wedding thing has thrown me for a loop!

~Need-to-Chill in Heber City

Dear Bride-To-Be~

Some of the best things in life cause the greatest amount of stress. Getting married is at the top of the list! Congratulations on all the thoughtfulness, time, and consideration that went into choosing someone special with whom to spend the rest of your life. Now, the hard work begins: planning a wedding, marking the beginning of your life together as husband and wife.

You are blessed with the skill of organization. Let that put your mind at ease, all while knowing, however, that on your “perfect” day it’s not IF things will go wrong it’s WHAT will go wrong. Weddings are about people and people are imperfect. Actually, it’s the people that make the day memorable and precious; albeit not precise.

The stress of a wedding cannot be avoided or eliminated; that’s not the question; managing the stress, however, is the answer. Here are few ideas for managing stress before your big day:

  1. Eat well-balanced meals and do not skip them. Three to six meals will produce sustaining energy throughout the day more effectively than three large energy depleting meals.
  2. Drink water and cut down on caffeine.
  3. Best way to deal with emotion is through motion. A daily 20-minute walk can do wonders for your stress (and soul). Make your time for active living a priority.
  4. Breathe……deeply. Breath can change chemistry faster than any drug.
  5. Sleep is an important factor in our ability to manage life’s stressors. Most of us require 7 to 9 hours of sleep.
  6. Practice clear communication with your fiancé, family members and those involved in preparing for the wedding to ease tensions and prevent false assumptions.

Remember, this does not mean that there won’t be problems; it means that you will be in a better position to resolve the matters respectfully.

~Dr. Liz