From Dr. Liz:

September 30th, 2009

This blog is about relationships (especially marriage) – how to form, build, and sustain them! Most of the entries will contain small tidbits of how to work smarter not harder in relationship development, in addition to noting the specific behaviors to avoid that are known to erode a marriage over time.

As spokesperson for Utah’s Stronger Marriage Campaign, I have one goal: to help people form and sustain healthy, lasting, loving marriages.

We have more information available to us today than ever before! And we finally know what’s different about those couples who stay happily married.

It’s not that they are better matched, better looking, more in love or have more in common. It’s not that they have fewer differences or less conflict. As a matter of fact, all couples have about the same 10 irreconcilable differences.

The more common problem areas are: money, sex, children, time, and in-laws! They key? Successful couples know how to manage their differences in a way that makes their relationship stronger!

Today’s advice? Don’t avoid conflict; embrace it and learn the skills and attitude that make it work for you AND your marriage!

“What are some ways you’ve successfully worked through problems associated with money, sex, children, time, or in-laws?”


Dr. Liz