Finalists Announced! Couples Share Insight From Their First “Homework Assignment”

October 14th, 2011

Today on FOX13’s Good Day Utah we announced our five finalists for the Dream Wedding Contest. We’ve already put them through their first “homework assignment” with the RELATE Questionnaire—a comprehensive survey that gives couples (at any stage of commitment) an opportunity to sit down and talk about their relationship.

See what each couple had to say about what the RELATE survey taught them about their partner and themselves. (Couples listed in order of appearance on FOX13.)

Jon and Evelyn








It was an enjoyable experience taking the survey. What we enjoyed the most is how the questions created self reflection, a mirror to see yourself better.  It’s often too easy to see the faults and shortcomings of your partner, when what is more helpful and rewarding is understanding what you can do as an individual to improve your relationship and maintain and cultivate the love we felt when we first met.


Trevor & Jessica










The RELATE survey was definitely an eye opener!  We discovered some important aspects regarding each other and our relationship that we could use to better our relationship in the future.  There were some amazing confirmations as well; for example, we both feel stable in our relationship and we both have a considerable amount of respect for each other.  The important aspect is our foundation, and if we have a strong foundation (like the survey confirmed), then we can work on anything else that comes our way as a couple!


Kelie & David








After taking the comprehensive RELATE survey, the big red flag was David’s strange aversion to choosing the “strongly” agree or disagree options. On a serious note, this survey served to further solidify our commitment to one another. Our answers were close, if not spot on, in each category. We loved the tidbits of advice interspersed throughout the results, as well. Great food for thought and helpful guidance for our future union!


Stephanie & Patrik







What we learned after taking this survey, is that we have a lot of strengths in our relationship but we also don’t ever want to stop trying to better ourselves or our relationship. I think that we were so surprised about having a partner that has a lot of strengths.  We learned bottom line that we love each other and are going to make this a continuous learning experience.


Adam & Laureana








Laureana and I have found that we are very similar in almost all the sections in the RELATE survey. Our results reflected very similarly especially in communication. Our religious beliefs also reflected to be exactly the same. One difference in our results was each other’s satisfaction with our individual family life. We have found the survey to be enjoyable and very informative!


How do you and your partner RELATE? Take the survey for FREE through And don’t forget to tell us who you think should win the Dream Wedding! Now through Oct. 26, voting is open on the Stronger Marriage Facebook page.