Attitude of Gratitude

November 21st, 2011

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about the little things that I am grateful for. Obviously, my husband immediately came to mind and I was overwhelmed with a feeling of sincere gratitude and appreciation towards him. But then I got to thinking, how often do I really tell him how grateful I am?

I think too many times we get caught up in thinking, “Oh well, he knows how I feel about him. He knows I appreciate him.” But does he really?

When is the last time you really thanked your partner for spending time with you? Or listening to you talk about your day? Or helping you around the house or yard? Or going to work to help pay the bills?

I starting making it a goal to openly thank my husband for all the things he would do around the house. When he washed the dishes, I thanked him. When he bathed our little boy, I thanked him. And when he scooped up our nightly bowls of ice cream, I thanked him.

As I went about thanking him each day, I realized more and more all of the little things he does for me during the day. Of course, he does many big things too like going to work and school each day to provide for us. But he is also constantly doing other small acts of service around the house that I may not have noticed if I didn’t make it a goal to thank him more.

At first, it almost seemed kind of silly and redundant to say thank you over and over again. I mean, he gets it, right? I’m thankful for him? Do I really need to say it a million times?

But towards the end of my challenge, I noticed a big difference in our relationship; my husband and I were way more willing to help one another when we each felt appreciated by the other. We wanted to be there for the other person. And in the end, those feelings of appreciation turned more into deeper feelings of love, love that was frequently expressed through our gratitude.

I don’t share this story with you to make you think I have the perfect marriage. (If you have been reading this blog, you know our weaknesses!) Or that we are constantly telling the other person how much we appreciate him or her. That doesn’t always work. However, I feel like I learned a very important lesson that day about sincerely thanking our spouses, partners, and family members that I hope to remember when times do get challenging.

And I hope you also remember that “Thank You” often translates into “I Love You.” Which is truly a great feeling, gift, and blessing you can share with one another. On Thanksgiving Day or any other day.