Why get married?

February 16th, 2012

Hello Everyone!



I hope you all had a great marriage week and that you were able to strengthen your relationships with all of the great programs out there. As you all know I am newly married and I must say, the married life is awesome and full of great surprises! One of those surprises came the other day when my wife and I filed our taxes; it turns out we got a larger refund for being married, how awesome is that?

The theme of today’s post has to do with the benefits of being married, during my single years I never understood how tying the knot could positively affect me. In all honesty, I really thought of marriage as a miserable process people went through. Why they got married? I had no idea. Then I met my beautiful, wonderful and spectacular wife. While we were dating I started to feel a deep connection to her and I started to see myself change for the better. I gave priority to her feelings instead of maintaining my own selfish behaviors.

Knowing that she was happy made me happier than I ever felt. The feelings of joy were great and, to use the old cliché, she was making me want to be a better person. I decided I wanted her around all of the time, so I made the decision and asked her to marry me.

Recently I had a friend come and ask me for some advice. He was having some problems with dating and he needed to know what to do to get out of his funk. After talking for a while we pinpointed some possible problems; my friend always avoided commitment and broke up with the girls after things got too serious. I am no expert, but I told my friend that he needed to understand the benefits of being married and to decide, if those were benefits he wanted in his life

With my friend in mind, I found a couple great articles on the benefits of marriage. The links to those articles are below. I was surprised how many benefits were listed: more financial success, better emotional and physical health, a greater sense of meaning in life, a more satisfying sex life, a longer life in general. The lists are pretty convincing!

Why get married? For me, it was easy! I not only get to spend the rest of my life with my amazing wife, but I also get to live longer, be healthier, make more money and this year we get money back on our taxes.  If you feel like I used to feel about marriage – what’s the point- or if you are in the same rut as my friend, take a look at the benefits of marriage listed in these articles.










I would love to read about the positive things in your marriage.  Comment and let me know so I can share your experiences with others.