Meet Candice

January 29th, 2012

Hello Stronger Marriage Blog Readers!

I’m so very honored by the opportunity to share my perspective regarding life’s most rewarding (and often most challenging) partnership. Megan has done a great job paving the blogger’s way for me and for Tim. I’ve enjoyed reading her insights and I promise to do my best to keep her energy, wisdom and wit going with each new post. Thanks again Megan! We wish you the very best.

My name is Candice. My husband and I celebrated our first anniversary in October 2011 and we’re preparing to welcome our first baby any day now.  Can’t wait!

As is probably typical of many marriages, changes, challenges and charming moments spotted our first year together. We navigated choices surrounding the combining of our finances and our households. We adjusted to new commuting schedules. We watched our two rowdy puppies grow into (mostly) well-behaved dogs. We mourned the unexpected loss of my mother-in-law and celebrated the (also semi-unexpected) news of our first baby. We purchased a new car and later a home. My husband dealt with flattering new demands at work and I headed back to school. I sincerely hope that all of that, in combination with the nine years of life we spent together BEFORE our nuptials, will provide me adequate fodder to share relatable suggestions and stories with you all as you find your own way down lover’s lane. (Fair warning, I do enjoy the cheesy cliché from time to time.)

As to my education and professional experiences, I earned my BS degree in developmental psychology. While I was in school, I worked as a direct care counselor with adolescents in three different residential treatment centers. I love the Boys Town Teaching Family Model and I’m very attached to “change through relationship” approaches to working with teens. Next, I earned my MS degree in psychology (with public school counseling license). I then worked as a public school counselor, in both mainstream and alternative programs, for about 2 years. During that time, I also taught an online section of Psy 5200 “Introduction to Counseling” through USU extension. Most recently, my professional experiences have been advising university students as they pursue their college degrees. I spent two years advising in the business program at USU, during which I enjoyed the opportunity to chaperone a six-week study tour to Brazil, Chile and Peru. At present, I work in the Special Education department at a rapidly growing online university. I have a caseload of 90(ish) students (from all over the country) that I mentor on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Together we navigate the challenging world of teacher licensing. As part of that job, I am also working on my Associate Certified Coach credential through the International Coach Federation ( I plan to be done with that work very, very soon.  Whew! While my current job is rewarding and I enjoy it very much, I am interested in moving back towards face-face counseling interactions with a smaller caseload. I miss working in residential treatment and (as it stands now), I’m hoping to return to that world as a primary therapist. To that end, I’ve just begun my second semester in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at Argosy University.

For fun, I teach Jazzercise (going on 6 years now). I also enjoy developing my creative writing. Twice a month, I meet with a professional critique group of 6 ladies to hone our talents. We met at a Writers Conference a little over a year ago and we’re still going strong. We are really pushing for one (or more) of us to be published in the next 5 years. Fingers crossed!

But enough about me… I’d love to hear from you. Please comment freely on my postings and also provide topic suggestions if there’s something you’d really like us to discuss. Tim and I want this forum to be a useful sounding board for you all, so any input you’d like to provide is absolutely welcome!