Facebook & Relationships Series – Post 2 of 5

November 11th, 2009

People Grow Older…And Apart

Keep your wits about you. Things are NOT the same. Having romantic notions about this person from long ago is about fantasy not reality! This is not someone with whom we pay bills with, change dirty diapers with, or fix the garbage disposal with. So they look pretty good from afar.

You have had different life experiences and you’ve made different life-altering decisions. All of these factors have changed you and your perception of the world. So, what do you have? A few powerful shared memories. That may be worth an hour over lunch if you are both single, but likely not the rest of your life. No expesb10064700v-001rience is ever wasted. People from our past have played a role in our development and many played a more significant role than others. However, time moves on and often we must, also.