Facebook & Relationships Series – Post 3 of 5

November 13th, 2009

Face the Future Not the Past

You’re facing the wrong direction if you’re looking to the past instead of the present and the future, regardless of the state of your marriage. Especially in an unhappy marriage, work on the issues that are coming between you and your partner with whom you’ve made vows. There is a reason you were once attracted to your mate. Fan that flame of desire; don’t fantasize about someone from your past. You will always find someone else who is better-looking than your mate, more interesting, more intelligent, more entertaining, more humorous, more whatever! (And guess what: your partner will, too!) But just as this other person will exhibit superior traits to your partner, they too, will have inferior traits, as well.

I often ask clients, “If you weren’t sitting there connecting with old friends on Facebook, what else could you be doing picto connect with those right here right now?”

Couples who do the best in marriage are those who have learned to tolerate the mundane! Truth is, life is rather boring…and when it is….that’s probably a very good thing! There can be peace in the monotony interspersed with an occasionally exciting event.